SIBF 2023 | Connecting Heart and Mind


A picture is worth a thousand words. 

We believe that illustrations in children’s books are important in evoking a child’s creative and limitless imagination. 

Illustration is all about the art of storytelling.

About creating something new. It’s about the reader, and it’s also about you. It’s about what imagination you want your reader to have, and what action you want your reader to take at the end. To begin this creative and colourful  journey, we present you the Yusof Gajah Illustration Award at our very first Selangor International Book Fair.

Calling for entries.

Selangor International Fellowship Programme (SIFP)

The Selangor International Fellowship Programme aims to strengthen Selangor as Southeast Asia’s Children’s Rights hub, where we can promote Malaysian works and collaborate with international partners. This programme focuses on information exchange, professional dialogue, and the building of the international book industry ecosystem.

Last year, six countries, comprising the United Kingdom, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, and North Macedonia, took part in the first-ever Selangor International Fellowship programme.