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Selangor International Fellowship Programme (SIFP)

Selangor International Fellowship Programme (SIFP)

Words could do wonders.

The Selangor International Fellowship Programme aims to uplift Selangor as Southeast Asia’s Children’s Books Rights hub where we would be able to promote Malaysian works and collaborate with international partners.

We offer a pioneer Platinum Fellowship Package this year as our gesture to embark on the exciting invitation programme to selected global partners. 

Introducing our five fellows for Selangor International Book Fair this year.

Dejan Trajkoski


Festival Director/Editor/Writer


Founder and director of the international literature festival “PRO-ZA Balkan” / Owner and editor at the Publishing house Prozart media / Writer / Translator.

International literature festival PROZA Balkan:

  • PRO-ZA Balkan is the biggest and most important prose festival in North Macedonia.
  • “Prozart” award is being awarded to a prominent author for it’s contribution towards the development of the literature on the Balkans
  • Skopje fellowship program is being organized since 2013. The program is dedicated to foreign publishers, festival directors and program managers, literary agents and scouts. N. Macedonia was among the first countries in the region to establish this kind of invitation program.


He is also the Owner and Director at Publishing house Prozart media

  • Publishing house Prozart media is dedicated towards publishing quality books from all over the world. We publish around 25 titles per year, mainly fiction, children books and YA.
  • Prozart media is organizer of the International literature festival PRO-ZA Balkan
  • Prozart media serves also as literature agency, promoting several best writers from N. Macedonia.


He is the Author of fiction book “Truth, Love: Rashomon effect” published in 2012. The book was short-listed for prestigious literature award “Utrinski vesnik”. It was the only book from first time author to be short-listed in 2013.

  • In December 2014 my second fiction novel “Infidelity” was published.
  • In January 2015 won the award “Macedonian literature avant-garde” given for new avant-garde literature work for writers up to 40 years.
  • “Infidelity” was shortlisted for the most prestigious year award for prose book “Stale Popov” given by Macedonian writers association (among first two titles).
  • “Infidelity” was short-listed for the award “Novel of the year” given by “Utrinski vesnik” daily.
  • “Infidelity” is translated and published in Serbian language by Agora publishing, in Armenian language by “Antares”, in Albanian language by “Fan Noli”, in Bulgarian language by “Paradox”, in Arabic by Egyptian pub house “Al Arabi”.
  • “Infidelity” is one of only several books from Macedonian contemporary writers published in English language in USA by the publisher “Dalkey Archive press”.
Karam Ahmed Tawfick


Publisher/ Editor/Translator
Al Kotob Khan for Publishing & Distribution 


Karam Ahmed Tawfick owns and managing Al Kotob Khan for Publishing & Distribution. Al Kotob Khan we function as a cultural center where we are committed and dedicated to Culture in our society through a number of different regular activities; creative writing workshops where we look after young authors to-be and get their works published. All creative works achieved during a series of 5 creative writing workshops headed by one profound talented authors who give their knowledge, experiences and time to young authors to be. One of the emerging name is author Mohamed Rabie whose first novel “Kawkab Anber” won Sawiris first award for the best novel written by young author. And his new novel, “Year of the Dragon” is highly expected to be on the long list for the Arab Man Booker prize for 2012. Also, we do book discussion on a monthly basis, screen movies twice a month and each year we pick a them of movies, i.e. movies based on novels, and we hold live music concerts. l Kotob Khan premises are open to young talented people to share their talents and encourage them to meet their audience. On the other hand we publish books from other languages to Arabic, i.e. the Islam Quintet by Tariq Ali and novels by French author Bollier. Nevertheless, we organize many of activities, lectures, forum and workshops in relevance to current events and happenings, in 2011 we dedicated the entire year to celebrate great author Naguib Mahfouz’s 100th birthday. Also, we arranged for many workshops to enhance the knowledge of people with the civil state and the importance to go for election, the constitution, and we worked as venue for some of Parliament candidates and arranged for several meeting with them and the voters to speak about their program. I strongly believe this is the contribution to our society and we will continue serving it with devotion and dedication and commitment for better future.

The new books we have published, the Islam quintet by English Author Tariq Ali and other books by young talented Egyptian writers. Still serve our society and maintain the standards of the quality.

Being small, independent working through different business model which does not put “money” first. Where serve our community and enhance knowledge and awareness of people come first. Helping young authors to get published and emerge new voices in the modern literature scene in Egypt is quite a challenge… competition is sever and stand tall among the big chain of bookshops in Egypt.. sometimes in not-fair market. To maintain the standard quality from day one and make the experience of coming to Al Kotob Khan either for a cultural event or to browse books or even to enjoy a cup of coffee one of the best anyone will experience.

Philip Tatham


Monsoon Books Ltd.


Philip Tatham is the book publisher with twenty-seven years’ experience in the print and digital book publishing industries. Based in the UK, following over fifteen years spent working in Singapore, and the publisher at Monsoon Books Ltd, a leading English-language trade publisher of books and e-books on Asia. A former Executive Committee member of the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA), former Asst Hon Secretary of the SBPA, former Chairperson of the Website Subcommittees of the SBPA and the ASEAN Book Publishers Association, a former Grant Assessment panelist for Singapore’s National Arts Council, a frequent guest speaker on publishing in Asia, and an active and respected member of the regional publishing community. With expertise as a publisher and business owner that includes risk management, strategic and market planning, contract drafting and negotiation, title acquisition, book and e-book production and distribution, metadata and rights management, P&L management, inventory control and freelance staff management.

Can Yiğit Tunçman


Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program Directorate & 

Corporate Communications Manager


Can Yiğit Tunçman is currently the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program Directorate & Corporate Communication Manager at Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society. He graduated from Anatolian University in Business Administration and MA in English from Istanbul Aydin University.

Sunny Han




YeeJoo Han or affectionally known as Sunny is the Founding CEO of KStyles. A digital platform startup since 2013. KStyles has achieved impressive milestone in developing Application for children content in South Korea. 

  • 2020.07 Korean learning app Kstyles beta released (Android version)
  • 2020.12 Selected as Content Startup Global Advancement Program
  • 2021.01 Beta release of Kstyles, a Korean learning app (IOS version)
  • 2021.04 Selected as the 11th Youth Startup Program by Ministry of SMEs and Startups 2021.05 Selected as the Global Launchpad Singapore Accelerating program by KOCCA 2022.05 Beta release of Automated tool for Webtoon image Translation
  • 2022.06 Selected as Global Venture Startup Accelerating program
  • 2022.07 Jeonju National University Cooperation Project Korean Metaverse Beta Project– 2022.07 Beta release of E-book app Kbook (Android version)
  • 2022.08 Video subtitle editing tool released